▍First-Year Orientation Series
For the sake of introducing the campus information and resources to first-year students, Student Activity Division hold a series of orientation activities. However, Due to the impact of COVID-19,most of them are thrown online in 2021. By using broadcasting tool such as podcast, live stream , we try our best to bring some useful and surprising content to our first-year students on air. Therefore, we called the serial "NTU on air".


※Because of the uncertainty of the epidemic, real holding date may be adjusted 

   Aug30 - Sep. 4     First-Year Orientation Camp - Podcast, E-manual 
   Sep.14                   First-Year Orientation Camp - Live Stream  
   Sep.15                   Opening Convocation                               
   Sep.22 - Sep.26    Student Club Exposition  (Website)                     
   Sep.29 - Oct.3      Welcome Music Festival  (Podcast)


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